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    The Tenth Plague (The Mummifier’s Daughter Book 7) (English Edition)

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    The Tenth Plague (The Mummifier’s Daughter Book 7) (English Edition)

    Por Nathaniel Burns

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    Ancient Egypt, 1229 BC

    As Thebes prepares for the annual Opet festival an unknown plague erupts, indicative of the Gods’ rage. Bodies of those struck down by the Gods are found on the rooftop kitchens of Thebes, further feeding the citizens’ fear. The careful placement of the bodies, their presentation and the sadistic nature of their death all point to preempted murder and something far more sinister.

    This while the High Priest of Amun attempts to manipulate events to his advantage, also challenging Ramesses’ authority by calling for the burning of bodies. Forcing Neti and Shabaka to opposing ends with little time to investigate the murders that could bring about the changing of the times.

    The Tenth Plague returns us to a land steeped in mystery and magic. The detailed storytelling paints a picture of ancient Egypt in all its glory.

    Bestselling author Nathaniel Burns has woven a delightfully dark tale around what must have been the most remarkable period of Egyptian history.

    So stoke up the fire, draw the curtains and put your feet up in order to enjoy this delightfull tale of love, intrigues and mummies in old Egypt...
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