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    Hacking: Hacking Secrets for Rookie Hackers, The Greatest Ideas you…

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    Hacking: Hacking Secrets for Rookie Hackers, The Greatest Ideas you Need to Know in Computer Security.: (Hacking, Computer Hacking, Python, how to hack, … Testing, Basic security) (English Edition)

    Por Troy Hampton

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    Are you one of those people who have felt themselves to be a little bit technologically challenged?

    Or are you one of those who seem to be able to master everything quickly and have decided that it is time to learn a little bit more?

    Whether you are just looking for a few answers concerning computer hacking or whether you have decided that this is going to be the first step in your journey of mastering hacking, this is exactly the book for you.

    Most of all find computers and the Internet to be inexorable creatures. We love using them, but we aren't exactly sure about what makes them work. We perceive hackers to be the ultimate cool ones; they are masters of the domain, the ones who know exactly what to do. Don't worry; you can be one of them with just the aid of this little book.

    While hackers are sometimes perceived to be silent ninjas who are always in a quest of stealing information, hacking is actually more than that. It has everything to do with learning more about computers and networks, etc. and using all of that knowledge to your favor. It is also important to be ethical in your quest. As you read on through this book, you will gain a greater understanding of hacking and what it truly means to be a hacker. If you have always been a little ashamed of your skills if you never know what people are talking about when they talk about the world of hacking, it is your turn to turn the tide.

    This book is a perfect guide for the beginners as it contains all the pertinent information to set you on your path, while also providing you with an understanding of the basic concepts. It deals with various topics, some of which include:

    • What it means to be a hacker and what the world of hacking is all about
    • The concept of ethical hacking and how there are many different sorts of hackers
    • How hacking works and how do most people usually use it to their favor
    • How hackers utilize different tricks of the trade and all the hacking tools they might have in their arsenal
    • What do malware and viruses, etc. mean, how do they work and how can you counteract them
    • How can you protect yourself from hackers and make your information inaccessible to all the people who might be looking to steal it

    Let this book be the first step in your quest for more information.
    Happy reading!!

    ** Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just free. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.**

    Download your copy today!

    Tags: White Hat Hacking, Ethical Hacking, Hacking, Arduino, Computer Hacking, and Security Penetration, Basic Security, How to hack, Internet skills, Hacking techniques, Python, Hacking, How to hack, Penetration testing

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