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    Slave to the Barbarian King (English Edition)

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    Slave to the Barbarian King (English Edition)

    Por Abella Ward

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    Acerca de este libro electrónico

    A BBW ready for a one night stand PLUS a hot alien warrior instructed to abduct her PLUS a King looking for a new bride in his harem...

    Twenty-six-year-old Natalie has been dumped by her boyfriend. Thinking that a one night stand is the perfect way to get her mind off her ex, she gets drunk in a bar and leaves with a handsome stranger.

    Erdal is a Darrenkar, a race that inhabits the far off planet of Estion. The night his parents are assassinated, the six-year-old prince is taken as a slave. And almost a century later, the heir to the throne has become the ruthless King’s mercenary and head of the Royal guard, with no memory of the destiny that runs through his veins...

    Erdal loathes humans. But now, the King wants him to find a suitable bride. A human. Erdal is reminded of his dead wife when he meets Natalie. The resemblance is uncanny. She’s drunk and he is strangely attracted to her. After a one night stand, Natalie is whisked away to another universe, not knowing she is in for a surprise.

    By the time they reach Estion, she is pregnant. And now the King wants her dead. Will Erdal risk everything and save Natalie’s life? Will Natalie be able to trust a man who is a known assassin? And will Erdal find out his inheritance and claim the throne?

    NOTE: This book includes 5 bonus stories!

    Slave to the Barbarian King is a 64-page standalone book in a series of scifi romance novels, featuring the Space Station Andromeda 13. Other parts of the series:
    Auctioned to the Barbarian Warrior
    Mated to the Barbarian Heir

    The books each have a guaranteed HEA and contain plenty of action, lust, violent warlords, steamy sex and surprise pregnancies. Definitely intended for 18+ readers.
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