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    The Librarian: A First Contact Story (English Edition)

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    The Librarian: A First Contact Story (English Edition)

    Por M.N. Arzu

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    "Author M.N. Arzu's style gives us glimpses into the human condition and delivers a first contact story unlike anything you've experienced before."
    - Lincoln Cole, author of Second Chances

    "Easily became a new favorite novel of mine to read over and over again."
    - LS, Voracious Reader

    "I loved its refreshing take on first contact."
    - John Carpenter, Librarian

    Earned Staff Pick Distinction from WriteOn, 2015

    BOOK DESCRIPTION: First Contact has never been easy.

    Despite the rumors, the US Government has been able to deny First Contact with an alien race for decades, but with good reason: it hasn't happened yet.

    When a strange signal comes from an isolated area in the forests outside of Seattle, they find that First Contact is not going to happen with big ships and grand world-wide messages. Aliens, it turns out, like to keep their existence quiet.

    Breaking a great number of rules, Seattle's resident alien has come back from a quick trip to his home planet to tell his human wife the truth about himself. Even if he has to do it behind a glass cell and the military in between.

    The Librarian is a contemporary novel set in America and dealing with first contact with an alien species unlike anything else in modern science fiction.

    The details and quality of the work will blow you away and leave you wanting more.

    Scroll up and purchase your copy today!

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