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    Zen: Zen Guide to Achieving Tipping Point in your Life: De-stress and Find Focus (English Edition)

    Por Ethan Schroeder

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    All the strategies in the world will not work if you’re too tired, stressed out, or overwhelmed by all the work and information that’s coming at you.

    When your stress levels are tremendous or energy levels are at rock bottom, it can be difficult to maintain any kind of discipline. You just want to be lazy and eventually leads to procrastination.

    While it is impossible to completely do away with stress, we can learn to deal with them mindfully by practicing Zen.

    What can you expect to benefit:

    Reduce stress and anxiety

    • Stress and anxiety are natural part of life, but don’t let them control your life which can negatively impact every other area.

    Clarity of mind

    • We all struggle with clouded minds or the ‘drift syndrome’. With practice, Zen can limit the number of intrusive thoughts and gives you the mental clarity to make wise choices.

    Higher self-confidence

    • Self-confidence and trust in self are also boosted when we learn more about ourselves on a deeper level. This in turn leads to greater achieving greater responsibilities with more diligence.

    Strengthens relationship

    • It’s about understanding the root cause of issues and how to communicate well. This is because you’re more keenly aware of why you behave in certain ways and are able decipher why others think and behave certain ways.
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